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Basement remodeling in Toronto

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In the recent past, home owners have come to value their basement sections more. You definitely need some extra conducive and somehow private room. Your basement can also serve as a garage, a laundry room or even a store. These make basement remodeling in Toronto an important activity.

Steps involved in basement renovation

1. Needs assessment

First, have a look at the present condition of you basement and make a decision on how you want it renovated. Are there aspects of the basement you no longer need? What are some of the features that should be incorporated during the renovation? Your resources will play a very important role in informing your decision on the improvements to make. Draw a budget from the existing resources and gauge the feasibility of your idea. You can decide on what to forego if the budget is not meeting your expectations. Leave out the luxurious wants and concentrate on the basement’s pressing needs.

2. Designing and planning

This stage involves weighing all the possible designs for basement renovation.The choice you make will be influenced by two factor. You taste of basement and the resources available for the project.

3. Actual renovation

When through with the planning process, you have the option of deciding to do it yourself if you have the requisite expertise. Hiring a contractor to handle your basement renovation is another option.

Guidelines for successful basement renovation

Before you begin the renovation, make sure that there are no water issues in the basement. To be sure, look out for pools of water or even drips that could be seeping in through the below-grade walls. Repair any cracks that could be opening up in your foundation.

Look out for the necessary permits from the local municipality in Mississauga. This is very essential especially when planning for plumbing and electrical work. These have to be inspected to ensure that they conform to the municipality’s regulations.

You will have to get proper fasteners and anchors which will assist you to fix your wall in place.

Basements easily become damp. It is imperative to control this dampness to make the basement conducive. You can achieve this by adding vapor barrier to all the walls and the floor before proceeding to framing and finishing off these surfaces.

Insulation is important in controlling temperature within your basement remodeling in Toronto. It will help you have another layer of moisture. it will also assist you in dampening sound from outside.

Use recessed lighting in the basement. This will reduce the overhead space that other lighting fixtures will take.

At the floor level, you can install heating vent. This will help you in adding warmth to the room. Make the heating vents in a way that they can be connected to your HVAC.

basement remodeling in Toronto

Key considerations for basement renovation

1. Frame the walls

During renovation, you may want to section your basement. Start by creating skeleton walls for your basement depending on whether you want an open plan or you want to section you basement into rooms. The most preferred material for doing this is wood. This is because it guarantees you a cost-effective renovation in future.

2. Electrical Wiring

After framing in the first step, do electrical wiring through the established frame. Basements are known to be dark if not properly lighted. Ensure that all the installations are done affectively to avoid wiring mistakes.

3. Plumbing

When you are done with electrical wiring, do the plumbing connections. this will ensure that you basement is connected to both the drainage and the water system.

4. Installation of the drywall

Onto the frames created in the first step, you can proceed to install drywalls. All the electrical wires and the plumbing connections should be hidden within the walls.

5. Painting the walls

You can then proceed to paint the wall. Choose a color of your preference when doing this. Ensure that the room is vacated if in use during the painting time. Do not reoccupy it until the walls are dry and fresh air has taken over the fumes associated with paints.

6. Install the doors and other hardware

Having sectioned your basement into rooms, you can proceed to install access doors. Other important hardware includes door knobs and locks.

7. Install the floor

In most instances, clients in Mississauga prefer carpets and laminates when flooring basements. Choose one among these and install it.

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